Company’s profile

Company GALANOS S.A., which is located in the city of Volos, specializes  in the sector of manufacturing machineries  for the finishing of iron-concrete.

Since its establishment, in 1976 primary target for our company has been the immediate and direct service of customer in order not only to offer the most suitable type of machine for any need but also to provide excellent after sale support.

Through our long-time experience in the area of manufacturing iron concrete machineries we boast excellent the technological infrastructure and the highly educated executives, which give us the advantage to become in offering new revolutionary methods that correspond in the most specialized needs, in competitive combination of price and quality.



Our company is located in A’ Ind. Area of Volos and since its establishment in 1976 has shown a continuously ascending development, gaining a continuously increasing share not only in the market of Balkans, but also in the world-wide market.


What we construct     

The variety of our machines covers the whole spectrum that concerns the finishing of the iron-concrete, which correspond to all demands of our sector. We construct hand-operated machines, semi-automatic and as well as fully automated, based on tomorrow’s technology. All automated solutions function with the use of computer and software, which are a result of our research and development.

In a brief description, we construct machines for the straightening, bending and shearing of iron rods, machines for the collection of the products machines for the shaping of the mesh and machines for the welding of stirrups.

Our machines fulfill all the necessary specifications and certifications, for hygiene and security which are demanded to the countries of the European Union (CE).

Finally, the machines we produce ensure qualitative and quantitative production that corresponds absolutely in the requirements of modern market.


Technical support

We want ensure that our machines provide their best; Therefore an experienced staff of technicians finds itself in your disposal for installation, education and service.